Monday, October 22, 2012


High-end military stock 3D characters and animations released by Rocketbox.

Freeze frame: Aardman’s Pirates

 Aardman and Double Negative deliver a stop-motion comedy to treasure in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. By Mark RamshawWith a diversion down a digital plughole in Flushed Away and recent CG offering Arthur Christmas, animation fans would be forgiven for thinking that Aardman had given stop-motion the (laboriously animated) elbow. Thankfully, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (aka The Pirates! Band of Misfits) demonstrates that the Bristol studio is not only back in the ‘banana mouth’ business, but that it’s also on top form to boot.......

Mitsubishi L200 Time-Lapse in a car studio

The Dozer

"The Goon" Movie... let's KICKSTART this sucker!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Google takes us inside their data centers, shows you where the internet lives (video)

Ever fancied a look inside one of Google's cavernous server farms? Given the security issues, the company isn't likely to just let anyone mooch around -- but understands if you're curious. That's why it's adding a special collection to its Street View data that lets you wander inside without a big trek to Iowa, Belgium or Finland. If you'd like to sample some of the delights, you can check out our gallery or head down past the break to get a video tour of the facility in Lenoir, NC.

video link:!

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Research at the International Tangible Interaction Design Lab (ITIDLab)

Research at the International Tangible Interaction Design Lab (ITIDLab)

Rigging a Character

Rigging a Character_Part 1_Basics
exercise file:

Rigging a Character_Part 2_IK


01. Create bones hip, knee, ankle, heel, ball and toe
02. Create bones back1, back 2 ........
03. Setup Ik from hip to ankle and rename "ankleIK"
04. Setup Ik from ankle to ball and rename "ballIK"
05. Setup Ik from ball to toe and rename "toeIK"
06. Turn Degree freedom on heel in attribute editor

07. Group "toeIK" and rename "Toe", position PP to ball joint

08. Group "ankleIk" and rename "Ankle", position PP to ball joint

09. Group "Toe","Ankle" and "ballIK" and rename "toePivot",  position PP to toe joint
10. Group "toePivot" and rename "heelPivot",  position PP to heel joint
11. Group "heelPivot" and rename "Foot", position PP to "ball"

12. Modify: "Add attribute" to "Foot" with name of "Roll" (-5, 10,0)
13. Driver: Foot
    Driven: "heelPivot" "toePivot" "ankle" Rotation X (varies)
14. Roll: 0  Key  "heelPivot" "toePivot" "ankle"
15: Roll: -5; heelPivot. RotateX: -25
16: Roll:  5; ankle. RotateX: 30
17: Roll: 10; toePivot.RotateX: -25

18. Fine tune toePivot.rotation X in graph Editor