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DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_SamWu (S0190181)

The avatar is a guy who sits on the bench in the park. He is taking a rest; the weather is very nice and blue but not sunny. It is the best weather to have rest in the park. He is struggling with the work and school assignments, he feels very tired about life.  When he has a rest on the bench in the park, he realizes there are lots of beautiful thing around him in his lift. The idea of create this character is to cheer up some friends who are in a bad mood or in a tough life. There are many layers of this character body; it has to create in order with different layer. It cannot be draw with pencil tool, I use pen tool to draw. The good of using pen is, it will have more sharps that I can create for but it is very difficult to control.

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DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Facial Expression_Chaipat (S0214754)

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Avata_Chaipat (S0214754)

In this section, the avatar that created is musician guy playing guitar. The idea of this work is creator has a passion about music and the character also the musician that creator impress. He name is Slash from Guns and Roses band. And the reason that why chose this character because he is kind of famous and has a cool character with his guitar. However, to create this character, it used a lot of tools to create the main body and component such as pencil tool to create a mouth by drag from one point to another point, and also used the Ellipse tools to create the components. For example, Ellipse tool to create classes and also rectangle tool for guitar.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Essay Writing_Chaipat (S0214754)

This report is presenting the CSS Zen garden number 207, the name of this design that has been chosen is Kyoto Forest. In this case, it seems like the designer try to present the web page via Japanese design. This is because designer giving a name about Japanese “Kyoto Forest”, and also used the Japanese language to be like a logo in the background part. Moreover, in this style are presenting the information by giving the clean background to make audience easier to read the detail and used the cool image with bright sky above the topic. And also used the cool background beside the main background by used the Kyoto forest image to make audience feel comfortable and to be fresh when they read the information. However, the designer used the best two combinations of the background colors with blue sky background and Kyoto forest. This is because designer can combine two colors perfectly which is blue and green. Apart from this, the website that design by used the natural background is useful for background because the color of natural is comfortable and easier to read if designer can fit them together such as blue color from sky, white color from cloud, green color from tree even pink color from Sakura (Japanese tree). Moreover, above of CSS ZEN Garden topic and Japanese logo also present the Japanese umbrella image for more interesting and still in the concept of Japanese style, and designer also used some painting graphic above of Japanese umbrella for more interesting and make the background not too boring with two colors of blue and green, designer used the red color of umbrella to make the background more colorful.

How has the designer adapted these elements to produce a successful online design?

The designer has showing audience about Japanese forest by present the realistic photos of tree in Japan to show the audience about Japanese forest, and also present the blue sky and umbrella image to combine the background more interesting with primary colors Red, Green and Blue, and now designer present his work in terms of artistic. The reasons that why his work is successful online design, this is because in his work (John Politowski):
• Background color; He produce the background color suitable, not too strong not too tepid by combine with blue color from sky, green color from forest and also giving a bit of stronger color like a red of umbrella.This can make audience feel comfortable with their eyes.
• The Images behind screen; He also present background by used Japanese concept such as Japanese’s umbrella or Tokyo forest.
• Front character; He present the information with normal word character but used blue font color to make more interesting and it is more clearly with white background.
• Web link; this web page giving the web link on top and right side, it make more earlier to see the web link. However, in this part of his work has one problem. It is difficult to read with small font character, it should make the detail bigger.

In conclusion
In this web page design of John Politowski (Tokyo forest) had present by using the Japanese design with giving the images such as Japanese umbrella, Tokyo forest even Japanese word. And this site also showing the attractiveness by used colorful with primary colors Red, green and blue for make this web site more interesting with audience.  However, in this webpage are presenting a good of design by produce perfect background colors and also used the image to giving more beautiful web page such as umbrella. Moreover, designer chose the clear background detail to present the information, and finally designer also produces the web link on top that make audience earlier to find the link page. Therefore, with his work are presented good and interesting design and it good enough to be a best website.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web banner and busines card_Chaipat (S0214754)

In section of banner and business card of “Designovation” for Chong sweet sound design company, are presented for audiences with the white color background for any audience to look at the design clearly and prominent of design. In this business card also presented the design with beautiful of the distinctive design by used of special fronts such as focusing on the first of character “D” that presented by make it larger than the other characters, also using special font by pencil tool with red color for make a design more prominent and seems like artistic. Moreover, in this business card also has a musical notes that replace from letters “I”, that looks perfectly good when audience look at the design and capability of combination of artistic, music and blazing. However, in the other side of this business card (Detail side) it has a little bits different design from the logo side. One of difference is background color, in this side using black background and used white character of detail to make it easier to read and colorful. However, it designed by using a banner in the background to make thebusiness card more interesting and show the logo band of company. However, in this side still using the same font character concept such as musical note that replace from letters “I”.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Chaipat (S0214754)

In the web identity designpart concept that had create is known as Chong sweet sound design company to presented for the audience with the black background color and showing the logo design with special font, the idea is to inspired client when they get to see the logo, it make more realistic, artistic and still presented basic design. However, it look more interesting when used hot tone color to make client focusing on design and color by combines with those colors of red, white and back. However, to create this web identity design and logo by using adobe illustrator CS5 with a lot of tools such as to create the logo had use the pencil tools to draw and used the brush definition tools to decorate, also used the difference alphabet types to make more interesting such as Agency FB and Blackadder ITC.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Essay Writing_Sam WU (S0190181)

The London 2012 Olympic logo designed with the number "2012" as the main body, including the Olympic rings and the English word London (London). This design clearly conveys the voice of London - "London 2012 Olympic Games would be everyone, everyone's 2012."  There are four colors, pink, orange, blue and green, according to different occasions; it can choose different color logo that suitable to the occasions. The London 2012 Olympic Games main logo is using bright pink as the based background color, the edge is clear yellow, with four Arabic numerals "2012," which, according to a corner of each, but it is presented in a abstract way, the Olympic rings painted on the white flag to the top right” 0” figures within the party, the word London is based on the white painted on the top left “2” figures. This design is the first Olympics in the history of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games by the "share" the same logo.

The London Olympics logo reflects the humanity face. It shows the humanity performance. In fact, this model is shown with a geometric pattern of the contours of the world's five continents, the combination makes up between men and women in sports. Very humanity, very in line with the London Olympic Games In short, it is young, lively, boiling.

The London Olympics logo design reflects a young, dynamic, and energetic, it is already beyond the Olympic spirit in the game. The protagonist is not only athletes on the field and to develop to everyone (especially young people) like the London Olympic bid Mr. Chairman Sebastian Coe said "London 2012 will be Everyone's Games The logo that we will use the Olympic spirit inspire everyone, especially young people the whole world. "Olympic Games are no longer just around the sport.

In the past, in every Olympic Games logo, it will involve or reflected their culture of tolerance. in the logo design such as the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo or the Beijing 2008 Olympic logo. But the London Olympic logo design does not stand on the basis of their national culture (The logo of 1948 London Olympic is the big ben bell), but gave up the ancient culture of the England, no Stars and Stripes, no industrial civilization ... ... and based on the world of pop culture point of view, reflecting the demands of modern culture and inclusiveness. "You can say it is the England, it can be said that the Australia, can be said that any country or any people."
The values of Olympic are very abstract, they stand for spirits of peace, friendship, impartiality. How to put those abstract ideas in to the image? In different cultural contexts, they have different ways to considers or understand the values of Olympic. We cannot say what a good logo, the logo which is not good; it is because they are all representing the Olympic spirit and culture of their understanding and interpretation. There is no standard for design; the one thing I can say is it suitable for me or people.

The London Olympic logo design is very special, very simple, with a sense of power, has a strong visual impact. It has features design style compare with the passed Olympics logo. It’s bold and innovative. The London Olympics logo designer has a brave creative idea; it has very strong visual style and colorful compare with the past of Olympics logo. And I really agree and appreciate their logo concept of “London 2012 Olympic Games would be everyone, everyone's 2012”, the London Olympics logo also can be any country Olympics.

The London Olympics logo is reflected in the young, lively, and the world today combined with the Olympics. But in my point of view is it is too over. They are trying to appeal to the youth and they are trendy and vibrant brand. Not everyone can accept or understand this cutting edge idea. They are too caring about the youth, how the older generation. Can they accept this kind of design? I think the shape of the London Olympics logo in the form of line design is very common, Digital distortion is common in other designs too. I think people can easily to accept but the color is too sharp and flash. The color they use in the London Olympics logo main color is bright pink and the edge is clear yellow. It seems it is a bad idea to put two bright colors together, it makes people lost their focus and the people will feel dizzy. Another thing I think it is not really good is the London Olympics logo is too abstract. People can to understand. The main design content 2012 can be mean lots of thing in 2012, it doesn’t really relate to the Olympics. Also an abstract logo can be understood in different meaning by different country of people.  Some country of people thinks the London Olympics logo look like a human and some doesn’t they think it is a dog. It has to be careful for an international logo; it can be easily to misunderstand people and mess up the main target.

Overall, I appreciate the concept or the idea of the London Olympics logo that they are trying tell us. I admire their brave to challenge the traditional design for Olympics to create this visual and abstract logo. But for an Olympics logo, I think it is not a successful design. Because the logo is hard to relate to Olympics, the color is easily to make people feel dizzy and people will misunderstood the shape of the logo.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web banner and busines card_Sam WU (S0190181)

According the logo design, I create a banner for the company. I use the same element for the banner. The company name on the right of the banner and the logo on the right. Simple but clear and it won’t look like so messy. Same as the business card design. I put the company logo in the front and the detail at the back. It is not much additional design for the business card because business card is for the client to know how to contact you.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Sam WU (S0190181)

The design concept of the logo is based of the company Designovation which is a web design company that attempts to anticipate emerging design trends and produce cutting-edge sites for large corporations. The slogan of the company is “Design for the future”.

According to the company detail, the symbol mark is an earth and it is created by net. Earth is stand for internet go around everywhere around the world and the net is stand for we are all connected. Also the spider is crossing the net which mean we are crossing and connected the world.

Designovation which is create by “Design” and “novation” so I make the “n” more outstanding because” is the only word they link together.  The “n” like a bridge link the idea together.

It has 3 colours in the design, black and red and blue. The reason I chose them, It is because red stand for enthusiastic, every customer will feel our enthusiastic to them; blue is stand for professional, every customer will get our professional from us; black is stand for stable, dignified, we will keep improving and keep a high quality standard for ourselves.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Essay Writing_Yuan Shi (s0191995)

Essay Writing

This is the USL from CSS Zen Garden page which I really like. Though it’s a not a complex design from first look.  It is simple and very clean. However, it contains a lot of beautiful elements in this page.
For the main colour of this page as its name “CSSOCEANGARDEN”, obviously the designer use blue colour as background colour. When we look the colour in details, we find that from the top of the page since its sky, the designer use light blue colour from top, as its going deeper, the colour turns from light blue to dark blue, this transparency effect looks quite nice, it is like in real world. The designer also put some real fish photo graph in the background, it looks very smooth. When we look the background in details, we can find it is not just a 2D background, it is a  3D background, we can easily feel there are not just one layer for the background, the designer actually create many layers for this background. We can see that at the bottom of this page, one of the coral is at the bottom layer of the background and the other coral is in front of that coral, also there are some fish swim through between these two coral. In order to make the real effects the designer create a distance feeling on this background, some fishes looks big , which means they are close to us, on the contrary, some fishes are smaller, which means they are far away to us. This 3D effect is very beautiful.
For the text colour the designer use white for the text, it is clear for the reader to read.  For paragraph, the designer use  a dark blue shadow shape as separator bar to separate between paragraphs, it is not a complex design, but still it is quite well organised.  The designer uses two colours for each subtitle to make the difference compare with the text. The font size of the subtitle is larger than the text size. When I read this page I feel the text size is a bit too small to read. If enlarge it little more will be more clear for the reader to read. Overall, it is good design for the text.
For the link one this page it is not that clear to find, though it is in separatearea, the designer use white colour for the link part which is same colour as the text colour. Unless the reader move their mouse cursor on these links, they will find a underline and know it is a link, otherwise it is a bit confused,also for the "ARICHIVES" and the "RESOURCES" part that located at right side of this page, the designer use same font and colour for these two parts as well, I think if the designer use different colour or fonts for the link will be easier for the reader  to notice. For the link at bottom link on this page compare to the link at the right side of this page, the bottom one is better, the designer use different colour and put underline on them, when we read it, we can instantly know they are links. I think it is very important to make clear label for the links which should choose different look compare the text or title. For this page it seems not a big problem for the designer to make kinds of same colour and fonts for the links, but if we design a page which indicated  a lot of links, then it is going to be a problem, we may need to divide different links as different parts and use different label or font to them, if we use the same colour for all the links then it will really hard for the reader to find the link he want. When we make online design, it is very important to make clear links.
As above, this style sheet match the topic “CSSOCEANGARDEN”, all the components match the topic. The blue colour for the ocean and the fish picture in the background are all relevant to the topic.  The designer adapted these elements to produce a successful online design. From this design, we can find the colours, typography is very important in design;What colour of the background should we use?What colour of the text should we use? How big the size of  the title font and text font going to be? What the title font should look like? What is the text font will we use? When we making design, we really need consider all these components before we design, all these components should match the scenes of the topic. We need to do research and find elements or material relevant to our topic. It is very important to think all these elements which will be used in our design, good design may not complex like the example I choose, though it is simple and clear, .it is still looks quite nice. In addition, these not means we should make all the designs as simple as this one, we can create fantastic design, perhaps there are many components  in our designs. The most important thing is we need to make sure all the components need to be well organized, make the user or the reader easy to read, and they can instantly find the thing they want, this is the crucial thing to make successful online design. There are may other examples of design on this CSS ZEN GARDEN web site,  many of  them are good designs. In conclusion, in order to make successful online design, we really need consider all the components which we are going to use and  organize them well.

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DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Essay Writing_Hamid (s0214708)


Select a CSS Zen Garden page that is heavily influenced by a specific, identifiable art or design movement. What are the characteristics of the style or movement that are evident in the chosen site, and how has the designer adapted these elements to produce a successful online design?
The characteristics of the style or movement:
The Zen Garden aims to excite, inspire
The Zen garden site (css Zen garden 2011) focuses artistic appearance more than readability and usability sites used to be. However the site is very easily accessible to find things on.  , the site remains easily navigable and readable. The design has not focused much on the interface, as much as the graphics design seems to be there for its self, and is not just a means for the using the functions of the site. The style that been chosen is 213 . This design combines an emphasis on interaction and interface design with a very artistic aesthetic approach. At the same time, the functionality and readability of the site suffers. This style is surrealism using different overlays which easily confuses the users. The user who has viewed this webpage of the css garden may be lost and try to find out the meaning of the design, because it describes the creatures that belong under the sea but the creatures that are drawn in this website do not exist. It seems that it was some sort of dream that underlies the reality. Garden 213 shows images such as ships from the past are uses black and white pictures and the background has an antique appearance The style of the website adopted by the designer which is interesting  but from my point of view it doesn’t give  make any meaning to the website. The pictures are just placed there and colours were matched with the design of the picture to look old. Every site has to convey some sort of meaning to us like its purpose, target audience and its message to the public. The functional design of this page is good and creative in the manner of the design, but it doesn’t make any sense to the general audience. It is hard to find out the main objectives of the webpage. It is not clear what message and information the site is trying to convey.  It only appears to be pieces of art. The viewer must scroll up and down to find out the exact meaning of the page.

The order in which elements appear on a page has meaning in a document, to rearrange those changes the very nature of the document and gives it a different meaning. It would be better if the designer added animation to the website. For example flash animated sea as the background, or the fish swimming over the page, which would convey to the viewer that it is life of creatures under the sea.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web banner and busines card_hamid (s0214708)

This is a suggestion for a business card. At first the front and back of the business card was created with a totally black background with the logo in green and pink, and the text in red. However this design did not look calm to the viewers. It makes them confused.
 The second idea was to change red text to white and leave the rest to black, but this did not look so creative. Finally a green gradient was place and masked with the black background and then all the corners were masked with a green colour which gave a smoothing effect as well as looking clear. On the back of the business card the logo with the slogan was placed in the left corner and the information was placed under two rectangle to separate the text in neat and clean manner good effect on it.
Web banner:
This is the suggestion for a web banner.
In this design there is black background with the artwork under the bottom corner on the side. It was looks simple but convincing . This design was done in the same style as  to the business card design it has to consistence with the design of the business card.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Hamid (s0214708)

The design of this logo is simple consisting of two plain colours which are pink and green. A logo should be simple; i tried many things to design a logo both creative and simple, that reflected the idea of the company name which is “Designovation”. The first idea is overlap the letters but that idea was too simple for this kind of company. Then replace the dot of both i’s with a star to look bit fancy. But that idea was not so creative thirdly two words design and ovation were separated with two simple boxes and coloured the angles with the actual logo colour but the logo was invisible. Finally the two angle on D and N were placed and this idea works because it is simple but creative. The symbol mark of this logo will be these two line which represents the design and ovation and. The colours were used were pink and green which were exactly match to the idea of the logo the slogan of this company is “Design for the future” which doesn’t fits to the logo because it is long however  it will used in business cards and brochure as well.

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DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web banner and business card_Yuan Shi (s0191995)

For the web banner, I create the logotype at the left side of the banner and then I put the address under the logotype, then I put the logo symbol at the right side of the banner. I use two slashes shape to separate the logotype and logo symbol.
For the business I put the logotype and the slogan of the company at the front side of the business card. I designed a curve line shape to separate the logotype and slogan. I put all the details of the company like phone, fax, email, website, email etc. at the back side of the business card and the logo symbol at the top right corner.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Yuan Shi (s0191995)

This is the logo which I design for this web design company. I use this flower shape as logo symbol to show that this web design company creating many beautiful designs like flowers. Since the name of this company is called "DesigNovation", which means design innovation, so I use transparency color for the letter "N" because of “N" appears in both words. I use light blue and dark blue as the color of the type font. I want to give people a kinds of light feeling, can be imagined as sea, sky etc. Therefore this would attract people’s eyes and symbolize this company design worldwide. Also another color version I choose green, make people feel nature. In addition, I make a little bit change for the letter "i" in the word "Design", I removed the little cap on the i and replaced with a flower shape, try to make its looks creative and different. Overall, that's the idea why I design the logo in this way for this web design company.