Friday, December 31, 2010

Avata in Dance

How to conduct a stunning project 3 - Avata Design, humanbeing in motion?
What're the most important design ingredients?
I think they are nationality, culture, personality, activity, motion and environment.
I found a very good sample which can be used to prove my design thinking.
There is only one topic - "Dance" in the picture but people from different area demonstrated different behavior.

(Click on the picture to download a full-size version)

Project 3_Avata Design_Shaohua Han (ID:s0206762), CQU Melbourne

Project: Avatar Design

Before I start to do this project I was look for the photos which from my own photo gallery. Then I choose one of photos which is my friend playing the football, and I still did a lot of research of avatar design. Make sure what is avatar design. Because the project requirement is that character's actions, I want my project to reflect the character of the actions is beautiful and energetic.

This project have three mainly colors, brown is the color of the skin, blue is the color of t-shirt, the last color is black as the shorts color.

I use pen tool to outline the photo then delete some details fill in the color. For the color I use the option to make the image’s shadow.

The requirements of this project is a human being in motion, and the camera angle is full shot, I chose football character obverse surface of posture, and the project also requires that you want to apply a different shadow effects, so I used to be expressed in two ways, one is a character in the football action by the body's shadow, the other is the reflection of the surface, I used to make the shadow color fading,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Project 3_Avata Design_Rajendra Gurung (ID:0205271), CQU Melbourne

Design Rationale

As we are given to create our own avatar in motion. I have created my own avatar playing a guitar. My avatar is of full shot camera angle and by watching this picture anyone can recognise that somebody is playing a guitar.
 I have created this avatar by using only Adobe Illustrator CS4.  And i have only used pen tool to draw the whole design.
And i believe the background and the text I have used also justify the mood playing a guitar. The reason i chose the font i.e. Blackadder ITC is because its playable, curvy, attractive and artistic. And also the background i chose as dark blue is because it gives a perfect blend with the design and this colour is classic, peaceful and warmness.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Web Identity Design by Shaohua Han - Part 2 (ID:0206762), CQU Melbourne

S0206762_Shaohua Han_DGTL11004 Project2


My second project is about banner design and business card design. The company name is Earthsmart media. The logo from my project one. I also choose same color for my design(green and orange)

Before I start to design my banner and business cards I did much research about banner design and business card. I need make my banner and business cards' design style must be very like logo's design so I choose orange and green as my banner’s and business cards’ color because orange is a very vibrant and energetic color. It’s often considered more friendly and inviting, and less in-your-face. Green is a very down-to-earth color. It can give you natural feeling.

I want to make the banner and business cards simple and when people saw these they can understand what is the design for which kind of company. because business card is very important for a company’s contact detail so make it simple is good to read and remained.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Web Identity Design by Rajendra Gurung (ID:0205271), CQU Melbourne

Design Rationale:

Himalaya pictures, the reason I choose this name is because it reflects nature, greatness, white and plain, height and so on. The word Himalaya is actually a short form of Himalayas, which means a mountain range in Asia. Himalaya is originally for SANSKRIT which literally means "abode of snow".

In logo you can see I have made some mountains and moon and stars in the sky. Since it’s a film studio as well as the film production company. I have designed this logo so that it can be used as both for brand and visual purpose. The logo consists of five Components Mountains, moon, stars, sky and text. But the way I designed is to give as much simplicity as possible along with providing maximum level of message and reflecting the theme.

The colours I have chosen for this logo are blue, red, yellow and green. I have used yellow colour for moon and stars. Obviously yellow is the most appropriate colour that represents moon and stars. And the reason I chose blue red and green as a sky colour is because it shows depth, nature, warmness. And this logo also looks consistent in black and white as well.

Design files (click to see big pictures)