Monday, January 24, 2011

Design rationale
Before I start designing the pages in computer I did lots of sample drawings. I Design all the pages and planned all the contents i will be using as well as the colour. I used red as my theme colour as it reflects seriousness, warmness and makes your eyes fell comfortable.  As I finish drawing the final layouts of the design the I start to design in computer.
I have used only Adobe Photoshop CS5 to design all the pages.
I personally feel more easy and effective to design something in computer if there is already a storyboard ready for you. More the details in your story board more easy and fast you can design on your computers. Pre-plan is the most important factors that will leads you to the success for your every goals and projects.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Graphical Sitemap Design_Shaohua Han (ID:s0206762), CQU Melbourne

Project: Graphical sitemap design

My project as the theme of the ice cream, before I do this project I have research from some magazine and Internet, then I get the result of main audience about ice cream is children, so that a lot of the advertisements and the ice cream packaging on the use of expressions is lovely and cute. There also use many fruit colors to display ice cream flavor.

I use the main tool is illustrator and Photoshop to do this project, I create a lot of color that comes from the color book of illustrator, there has many different color for choose topic. Like fruit, food, and different color use to different way.  I chose three different colors for background, that all color give people feeling is sweet and like really ice cream color vision. The entire pattern has five different ice creams style that is main button, the link button below the main button that uses different color to make different taste from audience’s feeling. My idea is make this sitemap cute and give the children interested and happy.

From This sitemap I like the colors and patterns, the color feel soft and that like really ice cream color, because my main audience is children, so my idea is make this sitemap cute and give the children interested and happy. That also will help the ice cream have good marked.

Emoticon Design_Shaohua Han (ID:s0206762), CQU Melbourne

Emotion design
When I start to design the emotion I did a lot of research of features, in my opinion features are very important for emotion design because each part of features move can make different face so features can decided your emoticon.
At the second, I chose one photo of my friends and use his face as basic then I import it into illustrator and using pen tool to outline the face and features.
After that, I separated features and change a little bit of each part and make them looks like happy sad…
For example I make his brows wrinkled as angry face and make his eyes little bigger than other’s. For the mouth is very important as well. I make it very straight. When I finished all of changes I put them together and organize them.
From this project I have learned some skill about how to shape the character of the expression and how to use a simple change to reflect the character of different expressions.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Emoticon Design_s0205271_Rajendra (CQU, Melbourne)

Design rationale
As per the ‘Design Emoticon’ project design brief I have chosen Happy, Proud, Angry, Scared, Bored and surprised as my emotions. My male character is a afro guy and female is a blond girl.
I have only used illustrator to create this project and tool i have used is pen tool. Doing this assignment I figured that creating expressions in a human face is one of the most challenging and playful task.
Before i start making characters on the computer i had problem how my characters looks like. So did lots and lots of sketches and took many references. After i fixed my character the i started putting different expression on them with the most challenging work.
Well I had a really good experience and gained lots of helpful knowledge during this project.
 s0205271_Rajendra (CQU, Melbourne)