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DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Essay Writing_Hoi Ying Leong (s0195462)

DGTL 11004
Assessment item 1 Essay

Student no: s0195462
Student Name: Hoi Ying Leong
Submission Date: 01/08/2011

Choose either the London 2012 Olympic logo, the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo or the 2010 Winter Olympic logo for analysis.

The Sydney 2000 Olympic logo is using the typically Australian shapes, colors and icon to create the image of a runner in motion. The boomerangs and suggestions of sun and rocks, together with the colors of the harbor, beaches and red interior invoke the unique Australian landscape and its original inhabitants. The flash which transforms the silhouette of Sydney Opera House into a trail of smoke from an Olympic torch recalls the logo of Sydney’s Olympic candidature. The designer of the logo is using the two Australian significant icons which the Sydney Opera House and the boomerangs to create the Sydney 2000 Olympic are locate in Australia, Sydney.

Sydney is the place that holds the 2000 Summer Olympic game and the Sydney Opera House as a landmark of Sydney. The designer uses this relationship between two things to create the logo. Once people see the loge, it can be remind that where is the 2000 Summer Olympic game holds on. On the other hand, the boomerangs are an old and traditional item that represents Australia. The oldest boomerangs were discovered in Australian Aborigines which is a society before Australia was set up. This is the reason that designer using the boomerangs represents Australia. Designer use the sun, rocks and boomerangs to create the image of a runner in motion. It is also represents the figure of an athlete. The sun become a head of the athlete; the rocks become both arm and hand and in action of moving. The boomerangs represent two legs of the athlete. Athletes are important role of a sport game competition so the logo is totally let the reviewer respond the Olympic game message.

A logo is kind of for the language that sending out the message to communicate with a person. We can get some different information from the logo if it is good design. This is the first step people can understand more about the event. The Elements of Design are the language of the visual arts. A good design should organized by one or more elements. The elements of design include line, shape, size, texture, color and value. Line is a basic element that characterized by length and direction. Lines that are grouped together often create texture, sense of value or texture. Second, a shape is defined as an area that stands out from the space to or around it due to a defined or implied boundary, or because of differences of value, color or texture. Third, Size is simply the relationship of the area occupied by one shape to that of another. Fourth, texture is the surface quality of a shape. Fifth, color is use to draw attention to a particular part of image. Finally, value is an element of art that refers to the relationship between light and dark on a surface or object.

Based on the message and idea that I can receive from the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo, I think this is a good design and I can find some element of design from the logo. The logo includes four elements of design which are shape, size, texture and color. Shape includes the Sydney Opera House, boomerangs and sun and rocks to create the image of a runner in motion and the flash. The designer use difference size of the Sydney Opera House, boomerangs and sun and rocks to link them together and create the difference image to become another totally different design. It also uses the colors of the harbor, beaches and red to represent the image to draw attention on the image of a runner in motion. The Olympic game official loge and the words of “Sydney 2002” become a texture of the logo; this is also the main information that the logo would like to communicate with the public.

As I have mention in the previous paragraph that I think the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo is a good logo. I have set up the four rules or standards to judge the logo and giving some guidelines to myself. Firstly, a good design logo should be like a face which will make it memorable. The Sydney 2000 Olympic logo is a memorable logo because everyone can be remind the logo idea form the image of a runner in motion which can be related to sport or Olympic. The image of Sydney Opera House and boomerangs are also good reminder that which country or city holds the Olympic game. Secondly, a good logo design must show it creative to the public. It is a very important rule to become a successful logo. When people see the logo full of creative, they would like to know what the logo for and increase their interest of the event or the product. Thirdly, a good logo should be easily aware on all possible media. This is a logo represent the Sydney 2000 Olympic, and the logo also appear on   lots of souvenir such as soft toys, booklet, T-shirt and even website or newspaper. Fourth, a well logo should be used only few colors and few fonts. It should concentrate on only image, If the logo created by lots of color, the printing are costly and hard to distinguish. Only need to use the main word for the logotype to present to logo.

In conclusion, the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo includes four element of design which is shape, size, texture and color. The logo mainly design are using the significant icon of the country or city who hold on the game to represent their idea via the logo. Finally, I have mention some of rule to judge a logo is good or not and in my opinion, the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo is a good design.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web banner and busines card_Hoi Ying Leong (s0195462)

The web banner design of Designovation is base on the logotype and symbol marks that I have designed in pervious design work.

DGTL11004: Digital Design and Communication_Web Identity_Hoi Ying Leong (s0195462)

Designovation is a web design company that attempts to anticipate emerging design trends and produce cutting-edge sites for large corporations. The slogan of the company is “Design for the future”.

As a web design company, the logotype and the symbol mark are very important to represent the company because this is the first communication to the customers. When I am designing the logo, I choose the 3 colors which is black, silver gray and light blue. Silver gray and light blue provide people feel more like cyber and high technology. Those colors also save the cost for printing the logo.

The idea for the logotype comes from “infinite” and “eye”. In “designovation”, it got 2 “o” within the word. I use the eye to replace the “0”, it means that use the eye to looking for what is design, use eye to find out the feature of design and use the eye to crate different design. The “infinite” icon uses for the company symbol mark as the meaning that design are infinite. Design is about creative and idea, those elements can be endless. That’s why I choose the “infinite” icon to represent design are infinite, it is without end. The “infinite” icon in my design also got the other meaning. My logo look like a person wear a glasses which is the “infinite” icon located on the “0”. The reason for this idea is designer can discover a lots and lot creative idea in design area.

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Case Study: Designing Megamind

Designing Megamind

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28 April 2011, by Michael Bengtsson

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Facial Expression Icons for Design Reference

Facial Expression Icons for Design Reference

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