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The Nova Design is brand new modern design company. Nova means that a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process. We chose light bright colour for the theme of company.
The nova is incandescence so we chose orange colour for the company logo. . In the Chinese culture circle means innumerable that’s why we design logo “D”. We try mix different culture background into Nova design company culture. We try to bring formal “N” that easy to recognize and remember. When people see the “ND” logo we want to our potential customers can be attractive.    We don’t want to company like already empire like “HP” that’s too heavy and serious. We are trying let Nova design become lively.   
 First of all, according to the company name of extracting the "N" and "D", then the "D" word has made a smooth deformation, and the "N" word form a perfect union, reflect your company pulling up and down and go forward hand in hand with the development trend of profound. At the same time integral modelling instant there is beautiful, highlight a modern design curvaceous.


Essay on London Olympic
 Logo 2012

In this essay I will explain the different types of colours used in the London Olympics 2012. There are also discussion related to corporate web identity and what types of technical issues going behind this logo. With some of the other countries have issues related to this logo with their country 
According to requirement I am going to explain the different designing issues and how I am thinking about the London Olympic logo 2012. There are many different views and issues going and in my view in essay I don’t like this logo. As I am a designer I am also going to explain what   are the limitation of this logo and how the previous logo was better than this. How much is favicon is important if and how its help to make web identity.
The designing of a product is mainly depending on the mind of the person who designs it and it’s not sure that design will like by everyone in the world. So according to the requirement if we do research on London Olympics games Logo 2012 which going to held in next year having too many theories with its official logo. But according to view this is destructive design. You can’t imagine directly looking at the logo.  They have only London mention in the left side of the logo but with square boxes it’s very hard to imagine it’s a sports related logo and this is not a good design practise.

The identity of the any organisation and corporate company is all based on their logo. Only remembering the logo in the mind people can remember products provided by the company. There are many big famous companies in the market like Sony, Intel, Audi and all have their logos, which are their corporate identity.
If we have a look at London Olympic 2012 logo, the shape is very different than the other most famous logos in the market. I don’t like this logo because it’s very hard to imagine this is a sports related logo. According to Sayad Balkhi, The logo on the site always act as a identical mark of the company or organisation but the favicon is the main web identity of the. It is a very small image which is present in front of the URL of the website address. And if we see at the original logo of the Olympic London 2012 logo the shape is not in any proportion. The colour of the logo is very bright and the some small text and shapes inside that logo in white colour, which are very hard to read.
They have also used the different colour on their logo. If we go on their official website and move to different pages, we can see they have also used different colours to write text on the brightest pink colour.
As I mention earlier favicon is the main web identity. And on the London Olympic 2012 official site, they have their favicon, which have white background, and we can’t see the small logo in front on the URL.  On the other hand if we go to the site they also have their favicon but that exactly as their official logo. So the main difference I can say that the designer while working on the main logo of the site, he/she also consider how its favicon looks like. 

Most of the companies have their logo design according to the product of their company. Like if the company selling the green energy products then they must have green colour in their logo. But on the Internet there are also some other myths goings related to the Olympic logo.  Julian Borger mentioned, “Iran has threatened to boycott the London Olympics unless the organisers replace the official logo, which Tehran claims spells out the word "Zion".” So Olympic games in London is a International game competition and if these types of issues going with design of the logo, they will also loose their reputation.
 From the previous years I like Atlanta Olympic games logo held in year 1996. I like its design, which is proper in shape, and if someone looks it first they can imagine that it’s a very symbol something great. Because the imagination of a person also depend on the colour quality and shape of the logo.

In this logo I like the main its red colour design and the text at the bottom of the image. The other colours used the stars on the top of the logo also in in very light in colour and bottom text in black. The other main thing I like in this if we decrease the size of the logo, after that we can easily see the all elements of the logo. On the other hand if we see at the London Olympic 2012 logo that have pink background and have other elements on the logo, which are in white colour. According to me it’s not a suitable combination of colours. The big I notice in the London Olympic logo is that if we decrease the size of the logo we cant able to see the white colour inside it.

Also after the lot of discussion on the logo different elements and we can say that colours and other design issues make this logo reputation more down and its have a reputable web identity.
Balkhis, 7 March 2008, your web identity, viewed 29 November 2011

Jullian Borger, 28 Feb 2011, Iran claims London 2012 Olympics logo spells the word 'Zion', viewed 29 November 2011



Title: Nova Design Logo
Dimensions:  W 266px H 270px
Design: The main concept of the Nova design logo based on the free hand design and text. To create this logo my main motive to first letters big in size like N and D. For this I used too many font styles and in the end I used free hand rounded simple shapes for N and show the logo is for designing company I have use a paint brush on the right side of d. This brush complete d in design and also make it look more professional. This logo having d and n in the big size and company slogan at the bottom of the logo only in simple text form. To create this Nova design logo I use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You can see the first two letters N and D big in size and use pen tool and direction selection tool to make rounded logo. While working on this I have learned too many other new things as well like using the different RGB colours value from  and transfer my design to those colours.  While creating the logo in illustrator I use pen tool and different layer in Photoshop when working on paint brush for the logo.



London Olympics Logo of 2012

First bale, I am going to discuss the Olympics logo of London 2012 in this essay, just everyone knows the Olympic is an international event featuring summer and winter sports, rely on Olympic flag(rings) this powerful symbolic representation, the logo is also get people‘s attention to keep their eyes open, expecting the interest by counties logo design , June 2007,the official logo for the London Olympics 2012 has been released, and the 2012 element of the logo, this brand identity was designed by Wolff Olins agency in London, and for this new logo is a representation of the number 2012, combined with Olympic rings(flag), it comes a series of colors of pink, blue, green and orange, it incorporated a variety of colors for designer’s purpose is a aimed to reaching young people. according to the 2012 organizing committee- Mr.Coe has gave his opinion, he said ‘’the new London 2012 Olympic logo is the vision at the very heart of our brand’’, he believes it is a reminder of our promise to use the Olympic spirit to inspire everyone and reach out to young people around the world, however, negative results with more than 80% of votes disapproving of the London 2012 Olympic logo design by BBC website shows that most of people does not support this logo by giving their opinion.  

Researches the new Olympic logo for London 2012, found out there are many complains from difference people/designer’s opinions, for example, the shape from this logo of 2012 looks more like ww-w character/letter or kind of shape to someone, they could not even realized it is 2012(number),it takes time to find out, or the design was not represent any sights of London for them, they think the logo was not worth 400,000 grand to paid for it and prepared on one year research, to quote someone’s thought, make an example of any case, if 99% of the public hates it, because of the 2′s look different from each other, but how about would we be sure that we will fall in love with the logo if the 2’s were the same ? For people’s opinion share, We should avoid the extremes I guess. In addition, I got one research found about a 16 teenage was interesting on this logo, it was come from a little dialogue box people chat in blog website, Olympic logo looks really cool to her, and I was thinking-the ‘’aimed to reaching young people’’ this slogan by designer, what if this logo really has a great effect on younger generation? Who knows, we are not teenage on this stage, but it won’t be a reason to be agree with, because on this cause, The Olympics are an international event, viewed by millions of people from different countries, backgrounds, and age groups. In my opinion, the design of this logo could be representing by many images but Olympic logo; it just something could not related to sport, for example, I could not even recognize the 2012 numbers in the design, until I read the brief or any introduction of article, compare to the 1948 summer Olympics logo in London, looks like London as a poorly designed city by 2012 this year, the 1948 summer Olympics logo looks more traditional than the 2012 Olympics logo, for 2012 Olympics logo design in my opinion it gives the modern thought and newfangled, but on other side to look at, I always think that Olympic logo were boring, particularly just like bank logos, but when I first saw the colors, I felt active and animated, people think this logo is un-meaningful, for me it seems to be fine, no matter how bad and good the logo is, The Olympic itself is already has a powerful and most impressive The five Olympic rings represent the five continents involved in the Olympics design, if could combine a major location image to embellished, I think I will pay attention be able to understand without read the brief, however, I believe a new logo will be chosen based on an audience of millions, also It is a brave new world now and we’ve all just been had, we should try to accept difference ideals.

while there will be inevitable problems with it, it seems to be fine than, we cannot think of any logo that everyone likes, but we could get a good presentation on our design ideals and purpose, only one condition that we must fall in love with our own design, be able to share and present, there is no matter a good design or bad design  between, we should not have the right to judge people’s ideals, starting point for understanding why design work is that they begin with the first ideals that comes to mind, giving time to develop and fall in love with our own ideas, is most important element for design purpose.